Classical Sounds Sunday 19th October 2014


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog, sorry about that ! Since my last post I’ve discovered some wonderful composers that I never managed to get to listen to but with the ease of use of Spotify and Google Music and others. It is so easy to find the particular composer that you happen to hear by chance and discover more of there music with ease and less expense of buying an old fashioned cd! Some of my favourites of late are George Onslow, William Alwyn, Andrzej Panufnik his daughter Roxanna Panufnik , Philip Sawyers and Christopher Ball to name just a few. I hope to play the above mentioned composers on my radio show which of course will be podcasted here.

On this weeks Classical Sounds  there’s old and new music  by JS Bach, William Walton, Mozart and more. I’ve music by one of my favourite composers of late Hans Gál which is about 30mins into the show. I’m featuring two Irish composers the familiar John Field and the contemporary composer John Kinsella. Plus a wonderful recent cello concerto by a composer who is not widely known to some music reviewers but who’s music can be quite tuneful he’s called Philip Sawyers.

You can listen to just the music that I played on the embedded spotify link or the entire show on the mixcloud link below.

Classical Sounds 19/10/14 by Claremorrisfm on Mixcloud

Spotify Playlist of music played on the Show

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